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Strategy is most often about selecting what not to do, so we you can focus your energy and resources into those activities that should best enable your goals.

Now that we have helped you set SMART digital marketing goals, it’s time to create a plan that helps funnel your resources, time and money into achieving a best-possible return on investment. 

A critical part of this phase is selecting the best digital and online marketing activities that will help you achieve your goals, using the RACE framework.

About the RACE Framework

Once the goals have been set, we use the RACE framework to guide the planning and implementation of your digital marketing strategy. The RACE model typically follows this structure:

  1. Plan: during the previous goal setting phase, we set your digital marketing SMART goals, what you want to achieve with your program.
  2. Reach: we define how we are going to reach your target market 
  3. Act: we set a plan for interacting with your target marketing, persuading them at different touchpoints to take an action towards your goals.
  4. Convert: the phase focuses on things that need to be done to convert your visitors e.g. as a lead or an Ecommerce sale. 
  5. Engage: now we’re looking to find clever ways to upsell to your existing clients, ideally retaining them over time. 

Digital Marketing Planning Services

  • conducting a situation analysis
  • setting your SWOT chart
  • helping you select the best possible digital marketing and online marketing tactics
  • writing up your one- to three-year digital marketing plans
  • helping you prioritize your digital marketing activities

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