We have fifteen years expertise crafting online and digital marketing strategies for a diverse range of small, medium and large companies. We follow a four step strategic planning process (see below)  that connects your digital marketing activity to your overall goals. We don’t chase fads or gimmicks, we design a plan that differentiates your offering in the digital market and drives effective short and long term return on investment.

1. Goal Setting

We start by setting short and longer term digital marketing goals that connect with the overall goals of your company.

2. Planning

We help you prepare an e-marketing plan, with activities, resources and costs to help your company achieve its digital marketing goals.

3. ROI reporting

We set up a customised analytics reporting system to track the performance of your digital marketing strategy against its goals .

4. Training

We provide your company with ongoing training, advice and coaching support to help it implement and manage its digital marketing program.

Digital Blog

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Client Portfolio

Since 2005, we have helped a range of New Zealand companies develop, implement and measure the effectiveness of their online and digital marketing plans. 

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